1934 Twin Coach Delivery Truck

This rare 1934 Twin Coach originally started off it’s journey in Kent, Ohio where it was designed and built.  Twin Coach was an American vehicle manufacturing company from 1927 to 1955 and a maker of delivery trucks, buses, marine engines and airplane parts until the 1960s. It was formed by brothers Frank and William Fageol when they left the Fageol Motor Company in 1927.  Around 1936 the Twin Coach Company merged with Divco and Twin Coach trucks were sold as Divco Twins from that point until 1941.

Tracking the beginning history of our Twin Coach has been difficult and we are currently seeking any information available. We have one unproven theory that the first stop along the road for our vehicle was to the Freihofer Bakery in Albany, New York, where it possibly spent many years as a Bakery Delivery Truck. Another possibility is that it could have been a milk delivery truck in Upstate New York.

It has a patented Electric Start, and is a Stand and Drive model. The story goes that this feature made it possible for the delivery person to place the Hercules engine and three speed transmission into first gear, let the truck continue to coast down the road (without an operator) in the gullies along the curb, while they hopped on and off from house to house. Clearly, not a feat anyone would attempt in today’s time! 

After many years of service this vehicle retired to a private collection in Maryland where is was lovingly restored and was a noted a trophy winner! The family who owned the Twin Coach only took it out for the occasional Parade and at that time it is said to have been driven about 68,000 miles in total.

The private owners decided to sell the vehicle after fifteen years of display to a company called Dog Bone Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon. The Twin Coach was transported to an Outdoor Market in Portland where it sat for a few years being used to make espresso coffee on the inside and sold on the outside. The company soon outgrew the limited space and decided to sell.  

Marty’s brother Russ who lives in Texas and Jeff’s brother Andy who lives in Washington are the “car guys” in our family. One day we contacted Russ about obtaining an unusual and eye catching vehicle to use at the Chatham Farmers Market for selling coffee.  We had grown weary of hauling all of the equipped needed back and forth each week and wanted something to make our market days fun and helpful.  Russ didn't disappoint!  The moment we saw the photo we knew this was the one. It was thanks to Andy who drove from Seattle to Portland to verify that we were getting a good deal that it sits here before you now.

We had the Twin Coach shipped to Chatham, MA in June of 2016. Over the last year we have put a lot of work into what we loving refer to as our “Ollie the Coffee Trolley”. To be honest neither of us are what you call “car people” and taking on an antique gem like this one has been a wonderful and equally challenging experience. 

Twin Coach Blend:  Our newest blend in honor of our 1934 Twin Coach delivery truck features coffees from Africa and Indonesia creating a very classic blend.

Twin Coach Blend: Our newest blend in honor of our 1934 Twin Coach delivery truck features coffees from Africa and Indonesia creating a very classic blend.

Our goal with the Coffee Trolley is to bring the community of Chatham amazing coffee with a hint of nostalgia. We look forward to making deliveries to local Inns, Restaurants and Markets. We also truly enjoy our Chatham Farmers Market days where we serve iced coffee and whole or ground 1 lb coffee bags. Also, in the works are a special Twin Coach Blend of Coffee and T-shirts being designed with our beloved Ollie the Coffee Trolley, so, keep an eye out for those this summer.

The only way we have been capable of bringing the Twin Coach back to life is thanks to our patient mentor/car guy, Joe Paul! The most important lesson we have learned is that this vehicle had a museum quality restoration that was not intended to be used as a delivery vehicle anymore. The good news was it started right up on the first try. The bad news was we nearly lost all of the wheels* on one of our first excursions and we also thanks to a well placed snow bank survived when the steering wheel* fell off in Jeff’s hands. However, Marty is still in danger of laughing to death every time she describes these events happening to Jeff.  Thankfully the Twin Coach only has a top speed of 25 mph and AAA is amazing!

Twin Coach t-shirt: Our design for the t-shirt dedicated to our truck.

Twin Coach t-shirt: Our design for the t-shirt dedicated to our truck.