Fair Trade Organic Decaffeinated Mexican Blend SHG

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Fair Trade Organic Decaffeinated Mexican Blend SHG


A soft, mild coffee with medium to low acidity, and medium body, with a delicate sweetness. The Mexican Blend consists of coffees grown in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca which are located in southeast Mexico. These regions produce some of the best coffees in Mexico. 

Decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process.

Mountain Water Process Decaffeination is a unique, natural process; using the clear, pure water from the glaciers on the highest and most beautiful mountain in Mexico, the Pico de Orizaba or Citlatepetl.

In the decaffeination process, the green coffee beans are immersed in water in order to extract the caffeine. The water contains the soluble components of the coffee beans which holds the elements of the flavour, so that, during the extraction of the caffeine the beans maintain their original components.

To separate the caffeine from the water containing the soluble components, the water passes through a special filter which removes the caffeine. This results in “coffee solid solubles charged water saturated with the flavor components but free of caffeine, which is used again in the extraction process.

As a result of this process we obtain coffee beans that are 99.9% caffeine free. Once the decaffeination process is finished, the beans are dried and packed, and ready to export.

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