Letting Go of Adele - World Premiere

The Art of Roasting is so happy to announce that they were at the Cleveland International Film Festival for the World Premiere of the documentary Letting Go of Adele featuring our own Marty and Hector, with a little bit of Jeff and The Art of Roasting.  The movie by Long Haul Films is a love story about a woman with a broken heart, the dog who saved her life every day for nine years, and what it means to let go.

Twin Coach Undergoing some updates

Our beloved 1934 Twin Coach delivery truck is in the process of getting some much needed repairs and upgrades.  The biggest of these is the transmission being repaired, rebuilt actually and then installed again so that we now have a fully drivable vehicle.  While in the shop we have also taken the time to perform some repairs on the fuel tank, added a fuel gauge and many wiring upgrades to the electrical system.  Next step will be some interior upgrades and continued preparation for the Summer Chatham Farmers Market. 

Congrats to Hangar B!

This article is from the Sunday Boston Globe Travel Section.


We hear they have great coffee too!

New Website!! Again.

The Art of Roasting has decided to stop fighting with oscommerce and all the updates, modules and custom modifications / hacks to create an acceptable and mostly functional looking website.  We have chosen Squarespace as our new web host and in only 2 days created the new site with products and ecommerce that is ready to go.  If you have any problems please Contact Us and we will do what we can do to improve your experience and the site.

Iced Coffee Time Again!

The Art of Roasting enjoys delicious Iced Coffee all summer long. The recipe comes from this article in the New York Times where you create a concentrate using 1 lb fresh ground coffee to 10 cups of fresh cold water. You let it steep for 12 hours, and then strain it. Once you have your concentrate you can add cold water for iced coffee, or milk for a delicious latte. The ratio is 1 part concentrate to 2 parts other liquid. But feel free to experiment. The Guatemala Antigua is our favorite to date.

A smaller quantity can be made in your french press. Just double the usual coffee weight, and fill with cold water. Let it sit for 12 hours, stir, plunge and enjoy in a 1 to 1 ratio with milk or cold water. Store the extra in a glass container in the refrigerator.

Summer Blend is Back

The Art of Roasting's delicious Summer Blend coffee is available now for a limited time. Get it while it lasts.